Cheilyctis: A short test in Monarda Temperament

Monarda Temperament, a device created by Scott Dakota on February, 2018, is a nice just intonation temperament allowing for a lush yet darker sound. After it was voted "temperament of the month" in March, 2018 (by this Facebook group), I was eager to try it out, and I took advantage of the opportunity to try a nicely fitting lush yet darker sound in my track. I ended up with something quite minimalistic, but quite nice-sounding. You can hear it below.

Permalink in case that fails:!rkU2iBgS!P-NB5ngzK84tZc9Z9YfQZb1UIgo4GhyRUGmKSTdfwMo

For those who'd like to try this temperament out, here's the original Scala file.


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