I'm a person. Persons tend to have different interests. It's what makes us stand out from one another. Mine are mathematics, music, and sometimes programming. And related stuff. And I also enjoy playing obscure casual games just to see my name in the leaderboard. But that's pretty much it.

I made a blog because I'd like to share my opinions and the things I discover, specially when they relate to the things I'm passionate about. What makes this blog unique among all of the other ones that are hosted in this webpage? It's mine. That's what makes it special. To me, at least.

I go by the pseudonym of URL. A few years ago when I started my YouTube channel (exclusive to music), I asked a friend for name recommendations, and he said that I should just name myself whatever I though of first. I thought of the typical "random" things: Unicorns, Rainbows and Lightning. It wasn't long enough when I realized the initials spelled out something common. But I didn't care. I thought that surely no artist could have already picked such an innocuous name. So I went with it. The only consequence is that a lot of people had already chosen the name for various reasons. So I added the "official" bit in. Doesn't hurt.

I have other means of communication. As I already mentioned, I upload my finished musical works to YouTube, but I also have an Instagram account and a Facebook account. The only one where I'm sometimes active is my Instagram account, since I often take a long time to upload a song and since I don't have any real need for Facebook at the moment. But all of these are music exclusive. If you needed to know all of that.

So yeah, I'll be posting my thoughts here, I suppose. Bye.


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